3d Rendering, virtual tour 360 / February 13, 2017

360 VIRTUAL TOUR IN 3D Producing a 3D architectural rendering is a wonderful way to help potential buyers or renters understand the long-term potential of a location. There is, however, an option that takes that experience one step further. If you’d like to allow your clients to explore an area, even one that hasn’t broken ground yet, you can create a 360 virtual tour that allows them to move around the space and see it from numerous angles. The professionals at BOVisual have the resources and talent required to help you create interactive 3D renderings of spaces that will leave everyone who sees them feeling amazed.

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virtual tour 360 / November 19, 2016
One of the great challenges in the real estate world is bringing buyers together with properties that suit their needs. It’s a big world, and it can be hard for someone looking at locations to find every spot that matches their criteria. The virtual tour 360 offers an elegant solution to this problem. Rather than taking clients out to see every site, your agency can become a virtual tour 360 company that allows prospective buyers to view properties in 3D space.

BOVisuals is a business that produces 3D virtual tour systems for the real estate market. With a real estate virtual tour available to view, you can allow a potential purchaser to move around the space. Our virtual walkthrough let’s people see how the shadows fall in a room, what the dominant light sources look like at different times of the year, how landscaping chances the yard and how going from one room to the next feels. A client can literally see the night and day differences of how a property will look.

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